The 'Yellow Vest' Protests

What The Media is Not Telling You ..

The protests in France – officially due to ‘fuel tax rises – are serious. President Emmanuel Macron – the most hated president for decades, with a popularity rating now less than 18% – is in full retreat; panic mode. After initially declaring that he would never give in to the protesters’ demands, he gave in. And more… but the protests continue – in fact they’re becoming more widespread; more violent. Since he’s given the protesters what our media tell us they want (scrapping the fuel tax rises,) why do the riots continue?

Good question.

You’re only seeing, here in the UK, what the government wants you to see – which is, at the moment… NOTHING. They’ve placed a ‘D Notice’ on television and radio channels. That’s why you’ve seen nothing about the riots since mid December.

See what a ‘D Notice’ is, here

Information leaked about the notice on the 11th of December – since when we’ve seen or heard nothing on television or radio (correct as at 01/01/2019.) D Notice leak

You may wonder why the British government feels it is necessary to prevent reporting of such a serious situation. The answer is simple: it is desperately afraid of a similar situation developing here – because all the ingredients for such a development are present in the UK – arguably more so: Theresa May’s ‘popularity’ is not even rated. It is doubtful there exists a scale low enough on which to measure it. The recent vote of no confidence in her leadership was only won because the majority of those who voted in favour of retaining her as leader…are on her payroll – and would be out of a job, if they’d removed her. So much for patriotism: when MP’s have their snouts in the trough (Labour are no different,) history shows us where their priorities lay.

The protests – which later developed into riots, when the police came down heavy handed with the protesters – and then included looting, when the left wing ‘antifa’  used the legitimate protests as a cover for theft and vandalism – are actually rooted in many issues affecting French citizens – not least their dissatisfaction with their concerns about immigration, and the detrimental effect that it has had on the quality of life in France. Many French citizens also look across the channel to the UK with envy at our impending (if it ever happens,) exit from the undemocratic, power hungry E.U.

But riots in Paris are merely the tip of the iceberg. All over France, from the North to the South, protests are under way. Roundabouts are being blocked – not by extremist ‘far right’ hooligans – but by ordinary, patriotic, hard working French tax payers. Have a look at  this

That’s the real reason. May’s band of cowards know that the British rarely riot. But this clogged, overcrowded country so desperately dependent on its creaking infrastructure and pathetic transport system, could be brought to a standstill even quicker than across the channel: in hours. France is a big country. Most of it is rural. Blocking roundabouts and bringing transport to a standstill isn’t nearly as effective as it will be here.

You may wish to bear this in mind, when the time comes: passive protest and civil disobedience can be just as effective – if not more so – than rioting.

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