The UN Migration Compact

What You Need To Know ...

“A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.” 
― Ronald Reagan


is effectively, a licence to land on the shores of any country that is a signatory to this ridiculous document, and claim citizenship. 193 countries agreed to the pact.

Significantly, the United States, Australia, Poland, Italy, Austria, Israel, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary have refused.

The following are the main directives contained in the pact that were the chief reasons for the above countries’ refusal to sign:

1) The pact effectively makes migration a human right, due to the agreement not to intern migrants entering without permission in detention centres. (Objective 13, 29, c)

2) It obligates countries to provide documentation for migrants –   effectively, eventually leading to citizenship – if not legally, in all but name. (Objective 4, 20, a to g)

3) Countries must make available information, including a website, with tables setting out rights, entitlements and prospects etc., where prospective ‘irregular migrants’ can decide which country they’re going to migrate to. (Objective 3, 19, a to e)

4) It effectively outlaws any criticism of migrants – but more importantly – of immigration policy itself in any way. To criticise your government’s immigration policy will be illegal. (Now wouldn’t that have come in handy for David Cameron – just as it will now, for Theresa May? Objective 17,33, a to g)

5) It promotes ‘Fake News’ by assisting media outlets who describe the ‘positive effects’ of migration, whilst penalising any media outlet who isn’t supportive. (Objective 17, 33, c)

Note: A petition on the UK Government and Parliament website calling on the UK Government to “not agree the UN’s Global Compact for Migration” surpassed 100,000 signatures on 5 December 2018, meeting the threshold of signatures at which petitions will be considered for debate in Parliament.

No debate was held. The petition was ignored. That is Theresa May’s government’s response to your concerns. Britain signed unreservedly: May signed it, in secret, in Marrakech, on the 10th of December.

In view of the government’s official position that migrants who leave a ‘safe’ country such as France, to migrate to the UK “cannot be allowed to stay” … clearly – they are lying once again – since the pact obliges the UK to accept them as set out in the pact. And though (officially) not legally binding (so why sign it?) you can bet your boots that eventually, this government – and any future Labour  government will use this odious piece of repression as a shield behind which they can retreat, when the inevitable public outrage ensues.

The Full, Official Document can be downloaded here.

(Keep a bucket handy.)

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