Tommy Robinson

Hero or Villain?

“In a room where people unanimously maintain a conspiracy of silence, one word of truth sounds like a pistol shot.” 

― Czesław Miłosz

You’ve probably heard the name. You’ve almost certainly heard main stream media describe him in the following way:

“Tommy Robinson – real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon;

founder of the English defence league … fraudster, thug and far right criminal with a string of convictions…”

You could be forgiven that the media – the establishment’s puppet these days – don’t like him. 

And they don’t want you to like him either. Just like they don’t want you 

to like Donald Trump, or UKIP leader Gerard Batten, or Dutch politician Geert Wilders …

or any other politician who points out the dangers – and the

consequences already being suffered – as a result of mass immigration.

The mere mention of Tommy Robinson’s name evokes passionate reactions, on

both sides of the above debate. [example]

So who is he? what does he stand for? What are the views that provoke so much passion on both sides, and what were the life experiences from which they were formed?

'Stephen Yaxley Lennon'

Born Stephen Yaxley in Luton 1982, he’s from a working class background. His father, Malcolm Yaxley, split with two year old Stephen’s mother a couple of years later. His mother, Irish Rita Carroll later met Tommy Lennon – a hard working Glaswegian whom Stephen is proud to call dad.

During his high school years, as in most schools, where fights between teenage schoolboys are nothing new, though he didn’t get into many, he did notice that when a fight broke out between an English boy and a Muslim kid, it wouldn’t end there. Twenty or thirty Muslim kids would end up ganging up on the English lad later.

Similarly, though he made friends with a few of the muslim lads, he noticed that once school was over, the friendship in the classroom/schoolyard seemed to disappear like Scotch mist. Islam came first – and its effect was divisive.

He gradually became aware of a change in the nature of the town. A turning point came in 1995, with the murder of [Mark Sharp]

People began moving away from the town. Contrasts between the media attention that the murder of Stephen Lawrence received – though both were unprovoked, racially motivated murders – struck many people, magnifying the tensions.

A later attack – a stabbing of Stephen’s cousin by a gang of muslims had a further effect, as did being mugged some time later, by a gang of Pakistani muslims. Joining the Luton town supporters – he admits some could be classed as ‘hooligans,’ he felt safety in numbers – part of a team.

By this time an apprentice with Britannia Airways as an aeronautical engineer, he distanced himself from the football fans after a serious riot involving Watford fans. He wasn’t involved, but saw many who were, end up in prison.

Then he ended up in prison himself. Walking home together in the early hours, after a night out, he became involved in a heated argument with his (now) wife. He admits he was being aggressive – though not violent in any way. A man in shorts and tee shirt dashed out of a nearby house and dragged him to the ground. Stephen got the better of it and   foolishly, aimed a kick at the man who was now on the ground. That’s when the man informed him that he was a police officer – though later, in court, this police officer claimed that he’d announced himself as a police officer immediately, flashing his warrant card (which he obviously kept handy in bed.)  Later, four police officers barged their way into his home and arrested him. The police officer hadn’t reported it through official channels; he’d phoned four of his mates.

The case ended up in Crown Court and he was sentenced to 12 months – for a first offence. An appeal against both sentence and conviction went nowhere. He came out of prison with no job, no prospects – and an understandable hatred of the system. (Though he soon developed a successful plumbing and building business with his father Tommy.)

Add to this the ‘grooming’ of his cousin, who woke up from a heroin induced haze to find herself being gang raped by a gang of Pakistani muslims – and the police’s total refusal to take action, his opinions were being formed. And all the time, as he says “…there was a plentiful supply of people parroting the same old mantra – ‘This is a minority, the vast majority of Muslims are peace loving, the vast majority don’t agree with this and that….’

EDL Founder...

Dismayed at what was happening in his home town, he turned, very briefly, to the BNP. That ended soon after, when they barred access to a meeting when he turned up with three of his mates who are black. He wasn’t, and isn’t – no matter what the main stream media says, a racist at all.

He founded the English Defence League following the homecoming of the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Anglian Regiment, from Afghanistan. He and his friends witnessed islamic hotheads screaming and spitting hatred in the faces of the troops- and the police and politicians looked on without a murmur.

Worse – the police actually positioned the hate filled fanatics in such a place that the soldiers would have to walk right past them.

The police later expressed surprise that a disturbance had ensued – whilst allowing fanatics to shout abuse at soldiers, whilst holding banners and placards proclaiming “behead those who insult islam” and similar.

The whole town was furious.

The later cancelling of a St George’s Day parade by the police and the council – due, they said, to “tensions,” further hardened attitudes. Police then stopped groups of white and black youths congregating in the town centre, whilst ordering their officers not to interfere with similar groups of muslims.

Not difficult to see where this is going …

The police by this time  were waging a campaign of persecution against Stephen and his cousin Kevin Carroll. Arresting him for ridiculous reasons, then allowing him to go free – no apologies, nothing.

He, Kevin and a group of similar disenchanted Luton lads formed the UPL: United People of Luton. That later became the English Defence League – the initials made infamous by the left wing media: EDL.

Their initial aim was to disrupt the islamic fanatics’ activities; to show them that they couldn’t get away with spitting in the faces of the British people who had tolerated their towns and cities being taken over, bit by bit, over the years.

The movement took on a life of its own, and for the sake of his family’s safety, Stephen wanted to remain as anonymous as possible, hence he used several aliases initially- but Tommy Robinson is the one that stuck. Eventually, his identity was exposed, but by then everyone had come to know him as Tommy Robinson.


"Convicted Fraudster.."

… is a favourite of the main stream media. What did he do, that was so bad – con some old lady out of her savings? No – he lent someone the deposit for a house. That’s it. That landed him in jail for three years. The police had been out to get him for years. They had nothing on him, because he’d done nothing wrong. But in 2006 he’d lent his brother in law £20,000. His brother in law, in turn, failed to declare the loan on the self certification mortgage application.   No one lost any money. Contrast the £20,000 loan between Tommy and his brother in law, with the £375,000 loan between Geoffrey Robinson and the former Labour minister Peter Mandleson which Mandleson also failed to declare. His ‘punishment?’ he said “Sorry” … that he was “technically” wrong – and that was the end of it.

Double standards… again.


If you were to talk to the man, he’d be the first to admit – he’s more than a little impulsive; he’s done some daft things at times. But not one innocent person has ever suffered as a result of anything he’s done. He’s only ever defended himself when attacked (hence the media labelling him ‘thug’ – in their view, a real man would stand there and allow himself to be beaten to a pulp.)


Tommy Robinson is a REAL Man. He has the guts to stand up,

in the face of constant abuse and death threats,

exactly what the silent majority

of British people feel in their hearts.


His website is [Here]