The Police

...And The Publics' Perception.

“I get it,’ said the prisoner. ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop, eh?’
If you like.’ said Vimes. ‘But we’re a bit short staffed here, so if I give you a cigarette would you mind kicking yourself in the teeth?” ― Terry Pratchett.

Britain’s police used to be looked up to as the standard to which all countries would aspire. The British ‘Bobby’ was respected, admired, trusted, looked up to. An idealised image, yes, but by and large, individual police officers could always be expected to ‘do the right thing.’ It’s why they joined. 

The police force of today is very different. Political correctness reigns supreme. The rights of the average citizen don’t even figure anymore, in many situations.

This is the mistake that the average British citizen makes: the British sense of ‘fairness’ is what he feels underlies the motives of the police force – as it once did – at least to a large degree. In fact the police are now merely puppets of their political masters. The typical chief constable has been picked, in the 21st century, due to their political outlook; not due to displaying any particular talent or degree of experience.

Talk to any older ex police officer. They’ll tell you exactly that. Most don’t even recognise the force they originally joined. Some older police officers stay in the force, dismayed, disillusioned, simply because of their pension.

Hate ‘Non Crime’

According to PC Emma Harrison, of West Yorkshire Police, a hate ‘incident’ can be [quote] “A hate incident erm, is as it says, it can be any incident that the, erm, that the victim or any other person percieves .. er to be erm, erm, erm happens to a person as a result of their race, their faith, their sexual orientation, er, a disbility, erm it doesn’t have to be er, a criminal offence [WHAT?] erm, as the definition says it can be any incident so it can be erm perhaps just the way that somebody looks at you [WHAT???] or it might be something that somebody said to you that, that might upset you … er it literally can be anything at all, er that you feel, er is as a result of something about you, something very personal to you, as I say it might be the colour of your skin, er it might be a disability that you have, and it doesn’t even need to be a disability that, that can be seen, it can be, it can be a disability that, that you have and you feel that you’re being targeted for that reason…”

This is the police force who constantly whine about shortage of funds, of manpower. And they send someone out to see you … because someone looked at you in a funny way.

The same police force who smash their way into the home of a disabled lady – for simply saying to someone “Have a gay day.” [example]

The police force who remarkably discover ‘a new lead’ just about every summer, (which subsequently produces zero results,) in relation to the Madeline McCann case, and which entails inevitably, a trip to Portugal for a group of detectives… and their wives. [example]

This is the police force who, upon discovering two naked thirteen year old girls in a house, being sexually abused by a group of men of a certain ethnic group – because they were afraid of offending the men.. arrested the girls, for being drunk.  [example]

The same police force that arrests anyone who dares to speak out and draw attention to similar abuses, the police failures and even complicity that has allowed this abuse to go on for decades.  [example]

The same police force that routinely exceed their authority, threatening members of the public who have committed no offence, with arrest unless they comply with their unlawful request to furnish personal details, threaten to confiscate cameras and mobile phones if being filmed carrying out their excesses, threaten – and carry out threats – to smash their way into vehicles if the occupant refuses to get out and sit in their vehicles … [example]

The same police force that  – when a Somalian immigrant goes on the rampage, stabbing three innocent people whilst shouting “Long live the caliphate – Allahu Akbar…” seem to have difficulty in establishing a motive.

I think you and I would probably have little difficulty on that one. [example]

… And the same police force that now appeals for the public’s assistance, when their constables are having difficulty making an arrest. [more here]

And set a brilliant [example] here.

Yes – unfortunately – that is the British police force in 2019. A massive section of the public have now joined the criminal fraternity in their contempt of the police force as an institution – rather than every individual officer, because there are no doubt many police men and women who see what’s going on and are themselves dismayed. 

That is little comfort to the increasing number of British citizens who, rather than being protected by the police – have now become their targets for persecution.

Anyone not conforming to the ideals of their Common Purpose indoctrinated chief constables by hurting the feelings of some leftist anarchist group or other will invariably be targeted as ‘far right,’ whilst demonstrators and even rioters belonging to left wing groups will be met with police in shirt sleeves, appealing for calm with outstretched hands, those who oppose the leftists will be greeted by a heavy handed approach by uniformed thugs in riot gear who will lash out with batons at the slightest provocation or often with no provocation at all.

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