The Media

... And The Lies...

At one time, the media in the U.K. was, by and large, believable.

Most journalists adhered to certain moral standards – rather than those imposed by the National Union of Journalists.

Television and radio in particular, broadcast news factually, with relatively (by today’s standards,) little political bias.

Whilst most of the press leaned in one political direction or the other, and an individual’s perception of any situation would obviously be coloured by whichever paper they read, even they, in the main, refrained from outright lies.

Now, in the Main Stream Media – BBC, ITV, SKY, Channels 4 & 5, BBC and commercial radio – anything (provided it conforms to the left’s globalist narrative,) goes – provided their lies only destroy the lives of working class people who do not have the resources to take legal action. [example]

Even newspapers often perceived as being ‘right wing’ on certain issues, are affected – if the truth in relation to mass immigration, gang rape, industrial scale benefit fraud, terrorist attacks, knife crime, muggings, ‘honour killings,’ etc., etc., allows the reader/viewer to draw unwanted implications from it, then Main Stream Media simply distorts the truth, fails to report on the matter at all – or, more commonly it seems nowadays – just blatantly lies.

That’s because Main Stream Media is riddled  with National Union of Journalist members –

who adhere (when it suits the narrative,) to the following rules:

1) A strict rule on reporting honestly, (Rule 1) NUJ Code-of-Conduct

2) Another strict rule on reporting racial issues (Rule 9) which overrules it.

3) A separate code on the reporting of racial issues which actually encourages

   distorting the truth.  NUJ race-reporting-guide-2014

Effectively – its code of ethics is worthless: cancelled out by its own leftist agenda.

Essentially, Main Stream Media shows you what it wants you to see –

or what the government allows it to show you  – and nothing else. 

Worse – if the truth is getting out via other means (i.e. the internet,)

and it’s inconvenient, Main Stream Media will put out its own version –

which will be, invariably, a distorted version – or increasingly these days –

a pack of lies, in the form of the exact opposite of the real situation – or 

pure fiction – as is the case  [here]

Here are the facts:

The French president, Emmanuel Macron’s popularity rating, at the last count,

was 18%. EIGHTY TWO percent of France’s population disagree with his leadership.

SEVENTY FIVE percent of the French public – most of the ‘ordinary French citizens’

mentioned in ITV’s ridiculous report – both support the Yellow Vest

protesters and vehemently disagree with the police’s heavy handed, unnecessarily 

violent treatment of the protesters. [EXAMPLES]

And yet they have the audacity to claim that the same ‘ordinary French

citizens’ – the citizens who support the Yellow Vest protesters…

have collected ten times as much for the policeman – who was wearing

body armour and was completely uninjured – as they did for the

genuine ordinary French citizen – who’s wife had just been hit by a tear

gas cartridge fired by the same police. Now – quite honestly – is that feasible?

That is just one (recent) example of the fairy stories put out by the Main Stream Media,

several times a week.

Another example of half truths repeated almost daily just now –

concerns the issue of migrants who are attempting to cross the English Channel

into England. The reports invariably end with the words

They were seen by immigration officials…”


So you took that to mean interviewed, then detained, with a view to returning

them from where they departed (invariably France – the country

in which they were  in desperate fear for their lives…)

True – they were “seen…” They were then given advice on the allowances and

accommodation  to which they are entitled – thanks to the UN Migration Compact –

and allowed to go on their merry way. 

But they missed that bit out.

An example of what really happens,  [here]

Bet you’ve never seen that on the BBC…

Now here’s another example of crafty editing – using

a response to one  question, editing out the question, then using the 

answer given in response to an entirely different question. [SKY FAKE NEWS]

So … What’s the Answer? What can you do about it?

Simple – and it costs nothing. 

Qestion EVERYTHING you see/hear/read, from Main Stream Media sources.

Better still – get your news on the internet. But avoid MSM’s own channels – there are a number of reliable, genuine, truthful sources available on the ‘Links’ page [here]