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“If the law supposes that,” said Mr. Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically in both hands, “the law is a ass – a idiot”.


Law is necessary in any civilised society. No one would argue against that. Without it, civilisation breaks down; chaos results. Law and order begins to break down when a society’s members lose respect for those who draft the laws [the government] or  those who’s job it is to enforce it [the police.]

In the UK today, a serious breakdown in trust is  occurring in both the government and the police: the former as a result of drafting laws influenced by EU/UN policy decisions (in turn influenced by lobby groups with vested interests such as the OIC ) rather than those which are in the interests of British citizens; the latter mainly due to failing to enforce the law repeatedly due to fear of accusations of ‘racism,’ resulting in catastrophic physical and psychological damage to innocent victims. And in other cases – now freely reported on the internet – where they are seen to be both ignorant of the laws they are tasked with enforcing and seriously exceeding their authority to the point at which they themselves are acting unlawfully.

Thanks to the EU, many of our laws are now drafted by bureaucrats who have never been elected by British citizens. (Increasingly, laws are now also being passed that are detrimental to the lives of the indigenous citizens of much of Europe, Canada and Australia.)

In addition, and worryingly – a European arrest warrant can be issued in any EU member country. A British citizen can be arrested at home and transported to filthy third world jail conditions in – for example Romania – without ever having committed a crime there. This has happened in the past. Worse – it can be misused by governments to prevent criticism of their policies far and wide, as is the case here:

Even more worryingly – the law is now being used here in Britain, to silence dissent; to gag those who intend to speak out about the government’s policies and the failings of the law…  to jail those who already have done.

and to persecute them, on their eventual release.

We are already well down the slippery slope that leads to anarchy – or a dictatorial state where freedom of expression is banned. Alarmingly now, Mr Bumble’s analysis of the law is woefully inadequate. The law is no longer just a “… ass”   …  it’s a tyrant.

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