The Judiciary

Above The Law ?


In the early years of the 21st Century, the F.B.I. launched an investigation into the activities of organisations distributing child pornography via the internet. They obtained lists of subscribers to various sites offering this filth via credit card details, stored on the databases of the sites concerned. Inevitably, those caught in the net included thousands here in the U.K. The British police set up their own operation – ‘Operation Ore’ to handle the investigation over here. Many outwardly respectable people were discovered to be viewing this material and were charged, subsequently convicted, and some jailed.

The pace of convictions was hotting up…. until – a Crown Court Judge was caught up in it. Now as a convicted paedophile, and a judge, sending him to prison would effectively have been a death sentence. The authorities here couldn’t risk that: he was subsequently given a non custodial sentence.

Interestingly, he’d presided over other cases involving Operation Ore – and handed down light sentences. Further – many ordinary people who’d 

offended, arguably to a lesser degree, but had received sentences that were disproportionate in severity, immediately 

had grounds for appeal. 

Operation Ore was hastily  wound down: the net was catching more of the judiciary , police and high ranking government officials. The scandal could conceivably have brought down the government.

Bear this in mind: This was an F.B.I. investigation. It is doubtful the U.K. police would ever have initiated it. They reacted, simply, when the F.B.I. presented them with the names on those lists. They had little choice.

The establishment looks after it’s own, again.