SPI-B: Government
Controlling Your Thinking

SPI-B [Scientific Pandemic Influenza* Group on Behaviours]

You may have already seen the ‘Reds In The Bed’ page. Sinister enough. But what lies herein is much more frightening. And what will surprise you is that some of this group 0f 40 ‘experts’ on human behaviour (4 of whom refuse to be named – take that as an indication of their own opinion of the shameful work in which they’re involved,) have been busily involved in changing your behaviour for at least TEN YEARS – and not by explaining a concept or logical argument/persuasion; by subliminal, underhand tactics – usually implemented via the main stream media. Ten years, you may be aware, is the length of time this sham conservative administration has been in power. 

BUT… don’t panic – as this scandal – the subliminal manipulation of British citizens’ minds  – has surfaced – the government are keen to reassure you:

Behavioural Insights Team is now independent of the UK government…”

They then go on to admit that it’s partly owned by the Cabinet Office

Very ‘independent,’ eh?

Noticed a plethora of articles on ‘veganism’ on TV., in the press, magazines over the last couple of years? Look at this – ‘NUDGE’

Cambridge University – training ground for the ‘Cambridge Five’… Blunt, Burgess, Philby, Maclean, Cairncross. Traitors who were busily engaged in treachery to the British people during, and after World War II.

They’ve got a bee in their bonnet, that’s obvious. They’re vegans… AND THEY THINK YOU SHOULD BE. 

If they can’t persuade you, they’ll use underhand tactics – such as removing the meat inclusive options – to achieve their objective. 

Now if anyone wants to turn to veganism – that’s their choice, and they should be allowed to follow it. That is the Conservative philosophy. FORCING change on people; drowning out opposition, is the hallmark of the left, once again. The Co-author of this particular piece is Theresa Marteau, Professor of Behaviour and Health at Cambridge. 

Now – do you remember, in 2010, one of the main attractions of electing a Conservative government was the (implied) promise to end the ‘Nanny State’? 

And this is just ONE example, from just ONE of those SPI-B participants; just one of those who are actively engaged in altering your behaviour during this hyped – up response to a virus. The ulterior motive – i.e. that of forcing an entire change of lifestyle on all Western nations; the ending of internal combustion powered transport – the drastic curtailing of passenger air flights, (apart from a privilaged few, obviously,) to name just some, becomes obvious – because veganism is linked, inextricably, to the subject of  ‘Climate Change’

* Note the word INFLUENZA. What phrase did the World Health Organisation use, to instill fear, at the start of this nonsense, months ago? …”This is not the ‘flu…”