Professor 'Lockdown'

This bungling, bespectacled fool formulated the Johnson government’s response to the virus that was sweeping the world in February and March. That resulted in the imposition on the British public, of the most draconian [never has that word been so hard – worked as at present,] set of rules and ‘laws’ (though some argue they are actually unlawful,) ever experienced in this country – even in wartime.

Aged 51, he’s described as an epidemiologist and ‘professor of mathematical biology’, who specialises in the patterns of spread of infectious disease in humans and animals.’

You’d be forgiven for thinking he knows what he’s talking about. But – as Prime Minister – would you give him a job advising you on a matter that could trash the economy, cripple  hundreds of thousands of businesses, cost millions of jobs and the deaths of thousands of people not seeking medical attention when necessary… without checking his track record?

Lets’ check him out:

2001: His computer modelling led to the slaughter of six million, mainly healthy animals, the bankruptcy of hundreds of farmers (and the suicides of 65 of them,) at a cost of ten billion pounds to the economy. Computer models that were subsequently described as “Severely flawed.”

2002, Predicted up to fifty thousand would likely die from BSE in beef. He also predicted that number could rise to 150,000 if there was a sheep epidemic as well. In the UK, only one hundred and seventy seven died from BSE.

2005: Predicted two hundred million people could die from bird flu, globally. In the event, only two hundred and eighty two people died. That’s an error of over seventy million percent. (When was the last time you heard the words ‘million’ and ‘percent’ in the same sentence?)

2009: His computer modelling predicted sixty five thousand deaths from swine flu. Actual death toll: Four hundred and fifty seven people. Error of fourteen thousand percent.

2020 – Predicts, using the same computer code, over half a million deaths from coronavirus. Ferguson’s programming was later derided as “totally unreliable” and “something you wouldn’t stake your life on” by experts. So after initially adopting a response to the virus of cautiously allowing the population to gain ‘herd immunity’, upon seeing these predictions, the government panicked and shut down Britain, leaving millions unemployed.

David Richards, co-founder of British data technology company WANdisco, describes the programming as a “buggy mess that looks more like a bowl of angel hair pasta than a finely tuned piece of programming”.

And the final irony?

This ‘expert’ … the man who’s flawed modelling has resulted in us all being locked away for weeks, unable to see our family and friends – ignores his own rules and admits he’s been allowing his married lover to visit him “at least twice” (well in view of his past record on figures we could easily multiply that several times,) during the period we’ve all been observing HIS rules.

Then – Professor ‘Pantsdown’ – as he was subsequently nicknamed,  resigned – catastrophic damage having been done.