The above Act of Parliament allows the government to enter your home – by force if necessary – and demand that you – and/or some or all of your family accompany them to a ‘place suitable for testing.’ They will ask you first. If you refuse, you’ll be hauled away in any case. There, you’ll be ‘tested’ for coronavirus using a ridiculously unreliable test that produces up to 80% false positive results. You will not be allowed to leave until you test negative, or the period of 14 days has passed. Whilst there, you will be interrogated on your movements and contacts since you were near the person who tested positive. 

Of course – none of this has happened yet. No one has been forcibly vaccinated … yet. No one has been told that they must show a certificate, proving health or vaccination to enter a shop or public space… yet. The very thought of this would have been laughed at, 12 months ago. Even as recently as THREE months ago, all suggestions of ‘vaccination /health passports’ were derided as ‘conspiracy theories, ‘  put about by ‘extremists’.

Now – the subject, after weeks of public opinion manipulation by ‘gaslighting’ and press ‘leaks’ (they’re not leaks at all – they’re simply testing the water,) is under consideration.

Forced – either by legal compulsion or coercion, by means of discriminatory policies, is actually illegal. But Johnson the dictator, assisted by the psychotic Hancock, will simply change the law. Thay did last year, at the drop of a hat. There is absolutely no reason to believe they wouldn’t again.

Children’s return to school is now to be allowed only if their parents allow them to be tested with a polymerase chain reaction test that is, to all intents and purposes, hoplessly inadequate. 

This is the  most monstrous piece of legislation ever inflicted upon the British people. And how much of it have you been told about it on BBC/ITV/Sky/Ch4 etc? …


Well it’s all perfectly true, nevertheless. the official government webpage is 


(Note – the page may take a while to load – it is very detailed.)

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