'Grooming' Gangs

...And the Authorities' Complicity...

Rotherham… Rochdale … Newcastle … Oxford … Aylesbury … Huddersfield…

Telford … Ramsgate … Bristol … Coventry … Blackpool … Dewsbury

No doubt you’ve heard a few of the sketchy details provided by the Main Stream Media (‘MSM.’)   Initially, and unjustly, reports on the situation portrayed the majority of the young girls who had been sexually abused – let’s be honest – raped – on an industrial scale, as ‘wayward’ in some way – i.e. truants/ petty thieves/ having behavioural issues. As if almost deserving the horrific treatment to which they were subjected – no doubt in order to allay fears of decent parents of teenage girls up and down the land that they had no need to worry: their own children were safe.

This short extract from a full report available at the end of this section, shows the dishonesty involved in that approach, yet again.

[Andrew Norfolk Extract]

Such is the sickness pervading Main Stream Media: it will do anything – anything at all, in its strive to force  its politically correct narrative down the throats of the British public – burying the truth  wherever and whenever necessary, at any cost – even when that includes the acceptance of the gang rape of children.


For years, the police, social services, and even some Members of Parliament were ignoring desperate pleas from anguished parents, certain that their teenage daughters were the subject of the attentions of these depraved individuals. Some parents were even threatened with prosecution for trying to raise awareness of their plight. One or two Members of Parliament did try and raise awareness – and suffered devastating consequences, such as [Sarah Champion]

 In fairness, more recent reporting on the issue has been less biased against the victims… sometimes even describing the shock and distress experienced by the parents, on learning that their children have suffered the depraved demands of the 24 men who had, that day, been convicted of the offences at Leeds Crown Court.

But… after the reports on the six and ten o’clock national – and, in Yorkshire, regional news… nothing.

The whole story was aired: sanitised effectively, MSM having, reluctantly – done its duty – then dropped like a hot potato. During the trials of these men, there was no coverage whatsoever. Nothing – not a word about the girls forced to perform oral sex ..’ of those terrified girls who, after refusing to perform the most depraved acts for the satisfaction of their sick tormentors, were dumped, distressed and half naked in the early hours of the morning, on the moors above Huddersfield, refuge being sought at a nearby farmer’s home by the terrified  girls on a regular basis.

In fact there was a reporting restriction on the case – as there is almost without exception – on every similar case involving the gang rape of children in this country.

Main Stream Media’s outrage, at such censorship? Non existent. Not a murmur.

Outrage – that the defendants – all accused of the most vile, emotionally devastating crimes upon children – were out on bail, in many cases carrying on in their businesses in take-aways, in contact with similar children? Completely absent – as were comparisons between this case and that of the media frenzy accompanying the trials of Rolf Harris, Max Clifford and others accused of far less than these men.

But when Tommy Robinson appeared outside Leeds Crown Court, questioning the defendants on their reactions to the verdicts, attempting to draw attention to the scandal – and was subsequently [arrested] unlawfully, jailed without trial, kept in solitary confinement – again illegally – protests at being unable to report came thick and fast, and the media ban was lifted within days, in order that the establishment’s lackies – Main Stream Media – could spread the necessary lies and distortions – putting out the story that Mr. Robinson had in some way ‘endangered’ the trial. Reporters from Leeds Live put out the same lies – and even went so far as to disclose Mr Robinson’s address – leaving his family open to threats and intimidation from supporters of the 24 men  (yes, almost unbelievably, there were some.) But the same reporters squealed with indignation when Mr Robinson’s supporters disclosed their addresses.

The chance to demonise a working class man who had done nothing at all unlawful, apart from raising awareness in the minds of the general public to that which the authorities are so desperate to hide, was just too much to resist, it seemed. Accusations that he had jeopardised the trial poured in from the media – soon latched onto, by the defence team representing the 24 defendants, who claimed likewise.

Nonsense, ruled Geofrrey Marson, Q.C. Nothing that Mr Robinson had said or done could have affected the outcome in any way, said the judge who, three days earlier had jailed Mr Robinson without trial or even a hearing, for doing exactly that, in addition to the fact that the Sikh Awareness Society’s reporting outside the court for the duration of the trial (girls from their own community having been victims,) included referring to the men, on commencement of their trial – as yet convicted of nothing – as “Child Abusers” [as shown here] and was ignored.

Double standards from the media; double standards from the judiciary. One law for some people; a different set of laws altogether, applicable to Tommy Robinson. 

According to this documentary by the BBC – who covered up their own paedophile for decades – “It’s a problem the authorities up and down the country have struggled to tackle…”

Oh yeah? No – it’s not a problem that they’ve struggled to tackle; it’s a disgusting scandal  which the authorities made no damned attempt to ‘tackle.’ On the contrary, they deliberately turned a blind eye for decades – facilitated by the police, social services, and Main Stream Media – including the BBC.


And now, in order to cleanse their conscience, [they hold up their hands in feigned horror.] 

Give us a break, BBC.

[Here’s the full story, from the Sunday Times’ Andrew Norfolk.]