Face Masks – What They’re Not Telling You…

Here is the advice from the World Health Autority, dated January 29th, 2020:


[“Advice on the use of masks in the community, during home care and in health care settings in the context of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak”]

Final sentence:

“Cloth (e.g. cotton or gauze) masks are not recommended under any circumstance.”


To make a simple face covering

You will need:

  • two or three squares of COTTON fabric…

Of course – the advice from the corrupt World Health Organisation – the advice that was so clear, and so damning, regarding the use of cloth masks… has now changed: that which was not recommended in any circumstance – is now, it seems – OK. Though their new advice does not specifically mention the word ‘cloth’ anywhere, [the term now used is ‘non medical,’] it goes into detail about how to wash these masks. So – we’re not talking about paper masks, are we?

Isn’t the ‘science’ amazing? Along with the advice that wearing masks was of no benefit – and could even be more harmful than not wearing them – the whole argument turns on it’s head: Bad becomes good; good becomes bad. 

And so Jellyfish Johnson issues a new directive – everyone must wear a face mask. Not only that – they are encouraged to wear the type of face mask that the ‘experts’ warned should never be used – in any circumstance.


So – why were they so adamant that cloth masks should not be used 

in any circumstance?

Because they are HARMFUL.  Cloth – and even most paper masks, will not trap viruses – they are much too small and will pass straight through. But bacteria are far larger, and most will be trapped. That works both ways: Even a cloth mask would protect the wearer against inhaling some harmful bacteria. The problem is that most of us have harmful bacteria [Streptococcus pneumoniae / Staphylococcusaureus] in our nasal cavities and throats. In the small quantities present, they are harmless. However, due to the way that bacteria multiplies, by dividing and doubling every twenty minutes, in ideal conditions, the relatively small number of bacteria you breathe out will be trapped in the mask. Even a few hundred will become many millions, over several hours. Of course, most of us would not be wearing such face masks for hours on end – we would be wearing them for half an hour or so. But when not in use – would we wash them; place them in a sealable bag – as is now (quietly) recommended by the World Health Organisation? NO – we’ll put them in pockets/ handbags etc., where the bacteria will continue to multiply. The bottom line is this: Wearing a cloth mask for any longer than a couple of hours without washing it at over 60 deg C (Hotter than most everyday washes,) or sterilizing with a chlorine bleach is a sure fire way, eventually, to fall ill with a bronchial infection such as pneumonia.  They didn’t tell you that – did they?

If wearing a mask makes you feel ‘safer’ (and there really is no reason why it should, since it cannot protect you against a virus,) wear a disposable mask – and change it every two hours.