Watch the BBC or any of the main stream media channels, and the subject content of ninety percent of their news/ current affairs programs is invariably the much hyped cornavirus epidemic. Reports were coming out of China in late December, of a strange ‘new’ virus that was having devastating effects upon is population. 

So devastating that people were dropping like flies, in the street…Watch this account from Indian News Channel Wion, from 00:30 to remind you. 

People walking along the street – suddenly dropping down dead? This was staged – quite obviously no one dies instantly from a viral infection. Either this was a sudden death from heart attack or similar (In which case it was just convenient that a passer by just happened to have his camera pointed directly at the man as he falls… or it was staged. 

Why? there are plenty of theories as to why China would actually want to scare the world by showing these images – then why they would then persuade the World Health Authority to claim that there was “no evidence of human to human transmission” when they had been informed categorically by Taiwan that there was just such evidence. Why China stopped all internal flights during this ‘no human to human transmission’  period… but kept all external flights as normal, until the virus about which it had scared the living daylights out of people, had spread right around the globe, why they then ramped up production of all items connected with treating it, exporting them to all affected countries, can only be guessed at. Maybe we should direct the question to them directly – as President Trump did  here.

And how is China – in particular Wuhan, where this ‘deadly’ disease originated, doing now? Let’s have a look… (watch from 00:30)