Feeling angry, frustrated – unable to do anything about this madness? You may feel you’re on your own. But you’re not – and an easy way to spread the word is silently. A mini leafleting campaign – either in your own neighbourhood or – if you’re uncomfortable with that – an area a few miles away, will change quite a few minds. And just as importantly – it will make you feel a hell of a lot better. Just print out fifty or so leaflets and pick an area with either short driveways, or preferably none at all, where the letterbox is easily accessible from the street. In such an area, fifty should take no more than half an hour. Even if no one is persuaded (unlikely) getting out and doing something is better than allowing those frustrations to fester. We live in a democracy. We still have a semblance of Free Speech. Nothing in these leaflets will cause offence (apart from, perhaps to government ministers.) The leaflet does not ask for money. It does not ask for votes or support for any political party or charity. No contact is requested. What could anyone possibly object to?

Note:  Lockdown Leaflet is courtesy of a Keep Britain Free member.