Doing It The RIGHT WAY...

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Ever been handed a leaflet while walking through the town centre?

How many have actually spurred you into action? If you’re like the rest of us – very few – or more likely none.

With good reason: you’re busy; you’re on the way to a shop, a cafe, a bar, a meeting with someone and this person thrusts a leaflet into your hand. You don’t really want to take it, but you do, so as not to appear rude. You may have a momentary glance at it – then it’ll either go into your pocket/handbag at best – to be discarded later – or more than likely into the nearest bin.

That’s what happens when you disturb people who are in the middle of doing something they want to do. It’s human nature – and we’re all the same. No matter how important the message is… it’s never as important as our next task.

You’ll often hear campaign groups boast that they’ve handed out a thousand leaflets in the town centre. Maybe. It’s doubtful that a single leaflet will have had any effect – apart from littering the town centre.

But what if you’re already sitting in a waiting room, on a train/bus, in a cafe, a bar, a restaurant; waiting for a friend/husband/wife/boy or girlfriend and you find something you didn’t expect to find – a leaflet that shocks you?

Maybe you look around to see if anyone else is reading the leaflet – to make sure it’s not just some campaign, trying to sell you something. But no – you seem to be the only one. You feel as if you’ve stumbled onto something; you’ve found out something that you didn’t know – that no one else knows – and everyone around you is getting on with their lives, in blissful ignorance.

The leaflet has a website address:

https:/ / ukfreemedia.co.uk

(They don’t even have to type in the https:// bit – ukfreemedia will bring it up.)

Your curiosity has been awakened. If you have a smartphone you may well, at this point, have a look.

From there, anything can happen. Of course it’s possible the viewer may disagree with UK Free Media’s site’s content. Tough.

More likely they’ll recognise things in there that are familiar. The things they’ve been thinking and feeling – probably for years – and the reasons behind what’s happening, will be laid out in front of them. The majority will be stirred but still do nothing. That’s human nature again.

But one or two – maybe one in ten of those who come across the leaflet – will have their outlooks transformed.

As long as the message is the truth – and the content on UK Free Media’s site always will be – the lies that main stream media continue to spew out; their failure to tell what they don’t want the public to know, will finish the job. Once you know someone has lied to you – just once – you never trust them again, do you?


How to Start…

First, obviously, you need a printer. They’re fairly cheap nowadays.

But the ink cartridges aren’t! And if you’re printing out dozens of leaflets a week, that black ink is going to be running out quite often.

So – you need a set of refillable cartridges for your printer. You may also need a chip re-setter, if your printer uses chipped cartridges. You’ll need bottles of ink and a syringe to refill the cartridges. You can find all of these on Amazon/Ebay.

That lot will probably set you back, in all, about £30 to £40 at most. But once you’re set up, you’ll never need to buy another cartridge, and the ink will last – even if you’re printing hundreds of leaflets – many months (even a couple of years) and when it does (the black, always,) run out, it’s cheap.

You’ll need paper, obviously. A5 is the handiest size (half the size of A4)

You can buy that at most stationary shops. It’s unlikely you’ll find it in the supermarkets. You can still use A4 if you wish – but it’s bulkier than needed and not as easy to slip into newspapers, menus, other leaflets etc.

Once you’re set up, click on the Leaflet Download buttons in turn. The first is the front page, the second the back page.

They’re PDF files, which will open whatever PDF viewer you use. Adobe is the easiest to use, usually (free to download here.)

Click print, then go to properties. Select paper size as A5, if that’s what you’re

using. Print out a test. Load the back page up from your folder and do the same.

If all’s well, print out as many front pages as you’ll be able to leave in a few days, then reverse the paper (putting it in the right way around!) and print out the backs.

Fold them in half and slip them into your pocket.

Where to leave them.

Anywhere. Just about anywhere that the public have access to – but especially in places where they have time on their hands. Doctor’s/Dentist’s/Hospital waiting rooms are perfect. Bus/Train stations, on the bus/train. In cafes/restaurants – slip one into the menu. In the Gents/Ladies – fold one up and slip partway behind the hand dryer. Wherever there’s a leaflet display – pop one in there, near the front. In card shops – slip one into the racks. At the news stand – pick up a newspaper or two and leave one just inside the front page. There literally hundreds of places.

A few tips:

1) Don’t drop them in the street. It’s pointless and illegal.

2) Be aware that cctv is everywhere. No one is going to bother that you’ve slipped a leaflet into a menu etc. But if you’re a regular customer and someone happens to notice you’re doing it on a regular basis, they may say something. It’s not an offence – and nothing printed in UK Free Media leaflets will ever contain material which could be considered ‘racist’ or anything that’ll get you into trouble; the leaflets only ever tell the truth – and alert the reader to the fact that Main Stream Media has been lying to them. That’s our whole object – the clue’s in the name: UK Free Media. And if this government – or the next one – ever decide that telling the truth is an offence…. then we really are in trouble. On the other hand,  there’d be little point in leaving them again if the leaflets will be taken out and end in the bin. Be discreet.

3) If you’re ever challenged by anyone who becomes objectionable (unlikely) just say you found the leaflet yourself.

4) Don’t hand them out in the street. It’s ineffective, thankless and soul destroying.

5) If you hand deliver through people’s letterboxes, be aware – you’re effectively invading someone’s ‘space’ (just as you are when handing them out in the street.) It’s tedious work and you’ll likely get fed up quickly.

That’s it. It’s that easy. Of course you won’t know (usually) which of your leaflets has hit the target. But rest assured: some will. And the day will come eventually, when you’re in a restaurant/cafe/pub … and come across a UKFM leaflet yourself. You can be fairly sure, when that happens – you were responsible for waking up that person.

Happy Leafleting!