Communists In Power

So…you voted Conservative in December 2019… Because you wanted an end to the sickness that has stricken this country over the last 20 or 25 years, right?

It may surprise you to learn who is REALLY running the country:

Since Johnson and his troupe of clowns panicked and started listening to ‘the science’  – in fact,  he’s actually being directed by leftists, lib/leftists and control freak communists.

The ‘SAGE’ outfit who are now right at the heart of government, directing policy as if in some banana republic, are, to an extent, considerably ‘left of centre.’ Conservatism, to them, is anathema. 

Could you seriously imagine ANY conservative administration in history, willfully closing down an entire economy, throwing millions out of work – and using BORROWED money to pay them to stay at home? 

Yet this is exactly what has happened. It has happened at the behest of a band of leftists who would have been unelectable, in any political contest. Cleverly, sneakily, they somehow convinced these cretins that this virus – with a morbitity rate comparable to influenza, and having killed only four fifths of the number killed by the 2017-18 flu outbreak (which you probably never even knew about, right?)

is so ‘deadly’ that half a million would die from it… unless they enacted communist control in the United Kingdom. In fact, not even one tenth of that figure have been officially (and even those figures now, are being admitted as suspect, already having been adjusted downwards,) due to this virus. Even those have mainly been certified as having died “with” not FROM, the virus itself. 

(In reality, it is so ‘deadly’ that most people need a hopelessly inaccurate test – to even know they have it.)

But… back to the communists: one of the main protaganists in directing government policy is one Susan Michie – professor of psychology with an ego the size of Mount Everest. She advocated the ‘Lockdown’ and was a primary force in the drafting of this

evil piece of advice to the government on the 22nd of March.

(Look at the bottom of Page 1 – ‘Persuasion.’ She thinks you’re not scared enough.)

Then see Appendix B, option 2. This is the British government, USING THE MEDIA – BBC, ITV, SKY etc., to scare the living daylights out of their citizens. 

Like all narcissists, she knows best. Shut up and do as you’re told. You are children who need to be frightened into submission. If you don’t do as I say, the bogeyman will get you…

In fairness, not all the ‘advisors’ infesting government policy are so politically inclined… but those with the loudest voices certainly are. Aren’t they always?