Common Purpose

[Slogan – “Leading Beyond Authority.”]

This page is a departure from the norm for UKFM: elsewhere the material contained is based, absolutely, upon easily provable fact. 

In this instance however – due in no small part to the secretive nature of the organisation we’re looking at – some aspects cannot be proven beyond doubt …at this time.  But the multitude of facts surrounding the activities – and in some cases of the criminal convictions – of some of its members give serious rise to concern – in view of the number of high ranking police officers and others in powerful positions who have passed through, and no doubt are still in contact with, Common Purpose ‘graduates.’

Ironically, the BBC’s apparent attempt to dismiss concerns about Common Purpose as ‘conspiracy theories’ don’t, as this article shows, fully achieve that objective, raising obvious questions without satisfactorily answering them. Bearing in mind the BBC has never denied that its ranks contain CP ‘graduates’, it is perhaps more harmful to CP  than any hit piece on the organisation, even by its critics.

This organisation is so little known of by the average UK citizen that it is best described by a man who has devoted several years to investigating its activities.

But before we go into that – just take a look into its maxim: “Leading Beyond Authority…” Let that sink in for a moment. For “Leading” – substitute “ACTING.” Now since any leader must, of necessity, ACT as a leader, and many, many public figures in highly important positions are CP graduates – including Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick, the significance begins to dawn: she’s been taught – encouraged to act beyond her authority. 

Type into any search engine:

“Leading Beyond Authority.” the top result will be Common Purpose. Clicking on the link will take you to its website. The very first image (as at October 2019) you see, will be of a police officer, sitting in a class full of other CP students. 

Another CP ‘graduate’ is Robert Peston, the former BBC, and now ITV, journalist. His political leanings become clear to anyone watching the late news: the deliberate hesitations, the pained expressions and exaggerated hand movements (typical of CP graduates in general,)  are used to attack the Prime Minister, the government, those in favour of Brexit – indeed anyone holding even moderately right wing views  frequently. And – by sheer coincidence,  his new girlfriend, Charlotte Edwardes, recently made a completely uncorroborated accusation of ‘groping’ against the PM. She’s a journalist with the Sunday Times – it’s not as if she’s been unable to access a means to voice these accusations previously. But TWENTY YEARS after the alleged event, after Johnson becomes PM., in the midst of his attempts to extricate the UK from the EU, and after meeting Peston, out comes the unsubstantiated accusation. 

Far more sinister Common Purpose Connections. 

Working tirelessly to expose this shady outfit is Brian Gerrish, an ex naval officer, gradually blowing the lid off its influence and sinister connections, including its influence in the upper echelons of the police, government, the judiciary and social workers. 

Particularly disturbing is his revelation (backed by other sources,) that the state is actively stealing children from loving parents. That sounds incredible, admittedly.

What convinced UKFM was personal contact and first hand account of an upright, honest, hard working ex. army man, married to a loving mother. Just a couple of years ago he had his three children removed from the family home and placed into care. The authorities cited alleged abuse from the childrens’ mother as the excuse. The children deny it, the mother denied it, and the man himself declared the accusation ridiculous. There was no evidence to support the allegations – just a contact from a teacher at the childrens’ school. He fought hard (and is believed to be still fighting,) through the available court, to win back custody of the children. Friends urged him to get the story out – to go to the press. That’s when he dropped the real bombshell: the court had imposed a ‘gagging’ order. Should he, or anyone acting on his behalf – even without his knowledge – publicise any details of the case, they – and he … even in the latter case – risked jail.  Here we had a link to a Brian Gerrish video, describing exactly the same situation affecting parents from up and down the country. Youtube has removed it. . 

But there are just too many similar stories from other parents around the country for it to be simply fantasy.  Typing his name into a search engine, I came across a couple of sites claiming to expose Gerrish as a “Shill.” Here’s an extract from one of them:

“Having been involved in quite a few child protection cases, I actually find the proposal pretty laughable. Not only is the removal of a child a complex and difficult process, both legally and logistically…” 

In UKFM’s contact’s case – the children were taken from the family home with frightening speed. Working on the premise that someone who is accusing another of lying, when in fact the example they’re using is incorrect or incomplete, actually gives credibility to the one accused of being a fraud, UKFM’s money is on Gerrish here. There is just too much corroboration, from too many independent sources, for all of his revelations to be fantasy or ‘conspiracy theories.’  It may well be that the author of this reassurance has indeed been involved in such cases – and that they were long, and complicated. It doesn’t necessarily follow that all cases follow that pattern. 

Other Common Purpose members: 

Frank Sheenan – Former Chief Fire Officer, West Midlands Fire Service Arrested on suspicion of making indecent images of children. Placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register for two years after the Crown Prosecution Service deemed it was ‘not in the public interest’ to charge him. CP graduate 1998.

James Rennie, former chief executive of LGBT Youth Scotland, former secondary school teacher. Serving a life sentence for sexually assaulting a three-month-old and for conspiring to get access to children in order to abuse them. CP Matrix Graduate 2003.

Mathew Byrne, a Children’s charity boss.  Jailed indefinitely for abusing women in a “torture chamber,” and making indecent images of children. Byrne was a Common Purpose Advisory Group member and helped select other individuals as suitable for Common Purpose training.

Certain words Gerrish speaks will ring true with anyone who has any experience of the courts: “…and in the course of taking their children away, social services, local authorities, the police, the courts… lie, falsify evidence, commit perjury in court, threaten people, deny access to proper paperwork…” 

For all the parties involved in cases such as these to act in complicity, there has to be a common thread; a network, upholding each other’s interests.

The increasing evidence points to the Common Purpose network.