'Climate Change'

All you need to know:

The Climate’s Changing – We’re Doomed… 



1) The percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere is 0.04% It’s a TRACE gas.

2) Expressed as a fraction – that’s one part in two thousand five            

     hundred of the earth’s atmosphere. (1/2500) It’s a TRACE gas.

3) The percentage of methane in the atmosphere is 0.00018% It’s a

     TRACE gas.

4) Expressed as a fraction, that’s one part in over five hundred and

     thirty five thousand.   (1/535,905) It’s a TRACE gas.

5) 97% of the CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere is produced naturally, by plants, trees, animals and humans simply breathing. Man made CO2 makes up the remaining 3%

6) Only 2% (of that 3%) is produced by Britain which means that human

activities such as burning fossil fuels produce 1/125,000th of the CO2 in

the earth’s atmosphere – or 0.0000008%

7) Even the most optimistic estimates are agreed that even if drastic

     measures were taken – measures that would cripple the economy and

     result in mass unemployment – that level could be cut by only 25%. So

     we’d then be producing 0.0000006%, instead of 0.0000008%

8) The UK operates six coal fired power stations; China is commissioning

     two new coal fired power stations every month until 2030. They

     already have hundreds. Seen any ‘extinction rebellion’/climate change

     protests on the streets of Beijing lately?

9) “97% of climate scientists agree…” Actually the figure is – 97% of those

       being paid to research the matter… who have been asked. Most of

       whom would be unemployed, were they to disagree. Thousands of

       respected scientists disagree. The BBC will not report on their

       opinions. Their policy on reporting of “climate change” will not allow it.

10) Even highly qualified scientists who dare to speak out are attacked as

     heretics, despite over 30,000 scientists  having signed a

     petition which states clearly that there is no scientific evidence of any

     man – made ‘global warming’ (climate change.) How often do you hear

     that on the BBC? That’s just in the US. Globally, the number of highly

     qualified scientists disputing the so-called 97% is far higher.

11) Every windmill on the planet has emitted far more CO2 than it will ever

   save or ‘offset.’ simply in its production.

12) The bogey man – ‘Big Oil’ needs to do nothing, to counter all this

       rubbish. Civilisation as we know it – laptops, mobile phones, cars,

       furniture, clothing, etc., etc. all depend on plastic – from oil.