Main Stream Media

“When truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie.”  

 Yevgeny Yevtushenko

Jeremy Hunt: "Britain champions free speech, so we’re leading the war on fake news."

Hunt continues: “Defending a free media must therefore be a central element of British foreign policy, in keeping with our country’s role as an invisible chain linking the nations that share our values. “

So Explain This, Mr Hunt:

(Tweet from Bloomberg. 11/12/2018)

“I work at media city (BBC) North of Manchester. I can absolutely confirm that the British media have been handed a D-Notice (legal gagging order to prevent reporting on ‘inflammatory’ incidents such as injured/killed protesters, not allowed to even mention the word “France” or “French” on the main page of the BBC news website) against reporting of the Yellow Jackets for ‘national security’ reasons. It’s not fully legally binding but the director general has enforced the D-Notice. (*)

The Government is treating this as a security threat to all European governments and are trying to prevent a ‘European Spring’ type situation and preparing multiple pre-written stories in case a major incident forces them to break the D-Notice and it involves framing it as far right, portraying the violence as FN-supported, Russian fake news fuelling it, etc. 

A big spider web diagram brief on a projector is in the world politics writer’s room, pre-empting what type of incident might occur and what pre-written articles will follow. “Large unarmed civilian deaths” is on a red diamond occur. It lights up the lines narratives in green circles. If the “Mass police defections” diamond lights up, it goes to a different circuit of narratives. They’ve assigned a social media team to update the projector board….”

Now it has to be admitted: at this time, the validity of that source cannot be confirmed. But since we’ve seen or heard nothing on television or radio, since that date – that’s surely validation enough.

The riots in France since that date – the 11th of December – have increased in intensity and ferocity… contrary to the rumours that some of the press have been trying to put about – i.e. that they were ‘fizzling out.’ (They wish…)

The latest clips [here.]


*’D-Notices are not actually legally enforceable, but editors are extremely unlikely to ignore them because the government can take effective action in many ways, against any publication that ignores one.

Hunt goes on: “So Britain is helping to lead the struggle against propaganda and the misuse of the internet. This year, the Government is providing £8.5 million for this essential work…”

Yes Mr Hunt. We see your point – it’s ‘essential that you are able to hoodwink, lie to and generally keep the citizens of this country in the dark, further your agenda and trample on the rights of seventeen million four hundred thousand people…in order that you and your colleagues are able to keep your snouts in the trough. We do understand why you’re spending 8.5 million pounds of our money on keeping us in the dark about your plans. I’m sure it’ll be money well spent. (on censorship.)

“The BBC is under attack from alternative news sites waging a “guerilla war” against the mainstream media,” wails Nick Robinson, their former political editor.

If the above wasn’t so nauseatingly hypocritical, it would be funny.

May’s government supporting a “Free Media!” (Not UK Free Media by the way!)

A government minister decrying the ease at which lies are spread! (Perish the thought!)

The BBC – criticising ‘Fake News!’

Here’s an example of  [FAKE News…]

[And another …]

And this is what the BBC says – of itself:

“The BBC is recognised by audiences in the UK and around the world as a provider of news that you can trust. Our website, like our TV and radio services, strives for journalism that is accurate, impartial, independent and fair.”

“Our editorial values say: “The trust that our audience has in all our content underpins everything that we do. We are independent, impartial and honest. We are committed to achieving the highest standards of accuracy and impartiality and strive to avoid knowingly or materially misleading our audiences.”

 Here’s a nice piece of ‘accurate, impartial, honest and fair’ reporting

 from Nick Robinson…[“He didn’t answer???”]