The Lying BBC


The BBC will provide accurate and impartial news, current affairs and factual programming of the highest editorial standards so that all audiences can engage fully with issues across the UK and the world….” [Taken from “Inside the BBC – Public Purposes”]

(Does anyone actually believe that drivel anymore?) 

Watching this shower of Metropolitan elitists, their predictable and 

monotonous “Despite Brexit…” precluding even the slightest bit of positive

news on the economy  brings to mind a far more apropriate mission statement for the BBC:

“Damn with faint praise,

assent with civil leer,

And without sneering,

teach the rest to sneer;

Willing to wound,

and yet afraid to strike,

Just hint a fault, and hesitate dislike.”  § 

The BBC could have been dealt with under the ‘Media’ tab. 

But they deserve a special place on the site – because we’re forced to pay for their salaries and boozy lunches –  or risk a criminal conviction.

How about that for perversity?

For the privilege of having left wing propaganda, distorted news, mis-reported facts – and downright lies, where the foregoing won’t suffice – rammed down our throats and drip fed to our children,  we’ll be paying nearly £13 a month, from April. The over 75’s, who at present are exempt from the licence fee, will soon be losing that concession.

How much do you spend on a working lunch – a sandwich and a packet of crisps – maybe a sausage roll from Greggs and a coffee? Three, quid, Four if you’re feeling flush? How about this – just one very small example:

 The £220 BBC lunch you paid for!

By the looks of him, he’s well used to them, too. 

His excuse? He’s entitled to it: he’s a cut above you – the working class. This is what he thinks of you:

He looks down on you as if you’re some sort of ‘cannibal’ from the Amazon jungle – or maybe a creature from outer space. It’s because – as he explains [here] it’s very unusual to meet a white, working class male in the environment in which he works. Well he certainly won’t meet too many of them whilst he’s filling his face down the boozer on his £220 expenses paid lunches – working class males – of any colour – just don’t frequent those types of places. But that’s not entirely the reason why he wouldn’t come into contact with them; it’s this: any working class male who returned to work having consumed ANY alcohol – let alone the amount that he swilled down his BBC mug – would face the sack.

He embarked upon a mission to produce a program conforming to the BBC’s agenda – that is, further the protection of paedophiles – as they did for decades in the case of Jimmy Savile, apologise for anything and everything perpetrated by the left, and the grooming gangs whom they support… and attack anyone who attempts to expose them: using doctored videos, unfounded accusations , and, where necessary, outright lies. The target in this case, was Tommy Robinson. The code name of this operation : “Tommy Robinson Takedown.”

Big mistake: this boozed – up idiot totally misjudged his target. Tommy Robinson takes no shit. Having got wind of the plan, he recruited an insider to infiltrate their grubby operation. 

And the material he gleaned was just… dynamite. It was so damning of the BBC’ s so-called ‘standards’ that it was  rumoured that they tried to obtain an injunction to prevent the exposé being shown, on a 30 foot screen, outside the BBC studios in Manchester, on Saturday the 23rd of February, earlier this year.

The expose’ was screened. And months afterwards, Sweeney – his credibility now shot to pieces – was sacked.

That hasn’t stopped him having another go, as shown here. View the full 12 minutes to really appreciate the lengths these ‘journalists’ will go to, to spread their fake news.

Understandably, there are calls for the BBC to lose its ability raise funds via the licence fee.

Simply repeating its pathetic virtue signalling; blowing its own trumpet won’t work anymore: more and more people are simply refusing to submit to  this extortion. 


The BBC has sown the wind; now it’s time they reaped the whirlwind. You can help:

Sign the petition [HERE!]

§  Epistle to Dr Arbuthnot” by Alexander Pope (1688–1744)