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UK Free Media exists to open people’s eyes.

The United Kingdom has always been considered to be a ‘free’ country. Indeed – not too many years ago, an often repeated, automatic answer to the words “You can’t say that…” was: “Why not? It’s a free country.” For good reason. FREE SPEECH IS THE FOUNDATION UPON WHICH ANY SUCCESSFUL DEMOCRACY MUST BE BUILT. It’s that fundamental.

Unfortunately, the freedoms for which our parents and grandparents fought so hard, in the 20th century, have been squandered and frittered away on the altar of politically correct ideology for the last 50 years. People are now afraid to say certain words, express perfectly legitimate views, voice understandable concerns on many issues, for fear of being labelled ‘racist’; ‘far right’; even ‘nazi’ in some cases.

How have these changes occurred, without the majority of the general public’s consent? Three words:

Main Stream Media

Formerly dominated by National Union of Journalist members, it is now also controlled, effectively, by government, drip feeding state propaganda, with, heavily edited versions of the truth – or increasingly blatant lies – to a gullible public every minute of every hour, day in, day out. The public sees edited video clips, hears edited audio streams … and then is treated to the newsreader’s opinion of their biased offerings. The days when the BBC could be relied upon to report the news in a factual and even handed way are long gone.

And it’s not just BBC; Sky news, Channel 4 and Channel 5 news is often even worse.

In fact – these Main Stream Media frauds have been peddling this rubbish for years. The public were blissfully unaware – because there was nothing to which it could be compared.

But … recently there has been a backlash, all over the Western World. The internet has arrived – and people can read, hear and see the truth, online.

In response, terrified that their bias, omissions, distortions and even outright lies are being exposed, MSM, along with leftist governments and in particular the EU then pressures social media and other platforms and financial institutions such as Paypal to impose censorship, labelling any online news channel that dares to show the clips it has so diligently edited out/ left unreported or just openly lied about, as ‘right wing’ extremist purveyors of “fake news.”

It hasn’t worked. Unlike the boy with a finger in the dyke, there are just too many holes to fill. The truth will always out… eventually, and that small trickle of truth is becoming a torrent.

UK Free Media exists as a hub – to point you in the direction of THE TRUTH, so that you can make up your own mind and vote accordingly, when the opportunity arises; so that you can compare what you can see online, and is clearly evident as the truthwith what MSM puts out; so that you can be aware of what is really at the heart of issues that affect the world, and – either directly or indirectly – you.

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