And You Really Believed
This Would All End
on June the 21st ?

1) When they suppress all your rights and tell you

“It’s for your safety”

2) When they put police at every corner and tell you:

“We don’t want to implement a police state”.

3) When they say: “It’s temporary” and

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†extend the lockdowns. Then tell you: “It’s the new normal”

4) When they issue “guidelines” and the police

interpret them as LAW.

5) When their constant propaganda keeps preparing you for 

mandatory (forced) “vaccination”, “immunity cards”,

Mandatory face masks and

“digital ID”, then you know that fascism has come.

And nobody questions this utter madness?

Their ‘new normal’

looks like fascism

sounds like fascism

tastes like fascism 

and stinks like fascism.

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